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Follow self control and rest

Raging river, flow this vessel to the place where you are still.

It’s discipline in love, to quieten thy soul

Soon we leap on the mountain peaks again.

I’m Sinking

How easy it is to pass a day

when all your strength is sapped away.

The endless list of things to do

so far away and out of view.

No reason left, no thoughts too high,

no lofty things above the sky.


Heart speaks over mind

First time since a baby you cried.


Give all you have and sink in the swell

No longer reinvent and sell

What is left when your time has come:

all you see under the sun. 


Heart louder than mind

First time since a baby you cried. 

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

Not you, you live as if already you died.


Strength will fail, all will cease 

In Him you’ll hide and forever be seen 

How easy time goes, a precious new dream

When you rest in love

When you let it sink in. 


Wasting My Life

They say I’m giving too much of my time
They say I’m putting too much on the line
They say I don’t have the faith I’m aspiring to
I should stay inside

They ask “why are you better than life?”
They say “things under the sun are just fine”,
Peace, peace, close your eyes, see the positive side
But I say “that’s a lie”.

Because I know the words in the Bible are true
You are coming in justice to make all these things new
Persecution and trials, sure as your return
When the nations will learn, they will learn.

You’re coming to rule, coming to reign
Discipline the church, reignite the flame
To sift between the wheat and the chaff
As the flower fades just like the grass

I don’t want to be offended, blessed am I
When I remain in your love, in your fire.
I don’t want to be offended, blessed am I
When I kiss your feet in the midst of trial.



I don’t want to be restless
I don’t want to wander
I want to be deep in You
Unshakable, but breakable. 



There is a mountain,
a holy hill,
where I know there’s joy,

and no suffering

I set my gaze on the peaks,
and I muster my strength
With my faithful companions,
my faithful friends.

Yet what is this sorrow
What is this pain?
The fear of rejection has come yet again
But I can’t turn around

And the way is too high
I’m dissolving in tears

You must be tired of this cry.

So what do I do?
I kneel at your feet
I build you an altar
And worship you here.

So what can I do?
But pour out my heart
I build you an altar
And worship you here.


80 Years

At the end of my 80 years
You will ask me
“How did you spend your life?”

I will answer:

“In the courts of the Lord

Worshiping Him night and day

Ministering to His heart.

I spent everything I had
For the presence of my God
I pushed to the front of the crowd
For a touch of His robe
I did not want for anything
He fulfilled all my desires
I gave it all for this one thing
King Jesus, Lord of all”

Every blessing has been poured out
All I need for life and holiness
No longer I but Christ in me

You are worthy of my song
You are worthy of my praise
For a glimpse of Your beauty
Here I’ll stand all my days.

I will leap upon the mountains
You have given me all I need,
You’re inviting me to come away and sing

Saying to the mountains “grace, grace,
Throw yourselves into the sea”.


The Satisfied Eye

I do not love my life
The works of my hands fade away
I do not love my time,
I’m waiting for another day

I do not love my eyes
The things I’ve seen are etched inside

I do not love my words

Nothing expresses like an outward sigh.

I love my God,
My Lord, My Rock.

You cannot deny that the world is changing
Darkness is rising, the hungry aching
Boys on their phones, girls and their boys
The satisfied eye turns away.

Our one hope is an end,
But the end means our lives
Are judged and amounted to
Something or nothing
Nothing is something.
Don’t shrug your shoulders,

Or cast it away

You could hear it tomorrow

or listen today.


Sweet Psalmist of Israel

When we behold your glorious light,
our eyes open and our bodies bright
You will be the same God as you are now
So starting at my hands, broken and dirty
Looking at my feet, wounded and hurting
Noticing my heart, bruised, prone to wand’ring

I can’t help thinking, I can’t help hoping

Bursting in those golden gates
With joy in my heart, no tears on my face
Singing a melody my ears never heard
Composing a symphony sweeter than birds

No sorrow or grieving, missed opportunity
Just my soul being overwhelmed by eternity
I can’t help thinking, I can’t help hoping

Sweet psalmist of Israel, what did you see?
How did you pen such breathtaking rhapsody?
Eloquence stumps me and training my ear
does not give justice to this God we have here

He is magnificent, He is the Lord
The one who rescued my sinning soul
So when I see Him, what will I think of me now?
Mourning my failures and doubting His vows
O Lord, give me insight, pardon my mind
I want to feel freedom of healing divine
I long for the city with streets made of gold
Resurrect me, oh Lord
Now I don’t live at all.


Still not good at poems, missing my piano

I don’t want to be haughty, I don’t want to be proud
Just keep me humble keep me close to the ground

Keep me close to the ground

Close to the sound

The sound of your word

Your word is death to this sinner

Your cross life to this saint


Your love is better than wine

If your love is better than wine
Then you are able to overcome my mind
The bitter becomes sweet,
The tough begin to weep
The quiet begin to dance
The sullen dream of romance

If your love is better than wine
Then you are victorious over mankind
Passion is stirred in dull conversation
Singing arises from soft meditation
The one who was silent holds his cup out for more
The friends of the bridegroom rejoice when he pours

They sit in the warmth of a tender hearts touch
A familiar comfort – you can’t have too much

For your love is better than wine
And you are able to overcome my mind
I dream of my feet becoming like deer
Leaping over the mountains, with a heart void of fear
Eat, friends, drink deep from the vine
The voice in the wilderness – come with me, and dine.


To Caitlin

The kindest man is here
The kindest God is near, do you see
Him walk in
No you don’t for you’re lost

You poor lost soul, don’t lose heart,
He’s coming again,
and again, and again.
The Kindest man says “Repent”
But you say “Relent”
And why is it this way?
I say it again
He is kind, you are blind
But His eyes
Are like fire
It burns brushwood, you’ll see

You’ll start burning, He’s searching
Searching for gold
Hold your hands out, for He gives, He gives to those
Who ask it of Him and admit their need
Refinement, confinement, the narrow road
But I know He is kind
And how is this true?
He is kind for He loves me.
I once hated you.



Why is it such a struggle? I only need to go willingly.
“Here I am Lord, send me”

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer

It’s in the simplicity that I find true joy
The dying of self, to obey my Lord
To sing His praises and to declare He is King
To prepare the way of his homecoming
Blowing the trumpet on the mountain –

But first, to climb.
Climbing into desperation, climbing out of myself
This vain introspection,
Closer to you
I need not look at my own iniquities anymore.


Walls are beginning to fall

The weight of these walls
Is weaker than the man who stands before
The city is building its core
Day by day, the streets lined with people crying for more
And you can’t hold back.

No, you won’t hold back.

I don’t know what you started
But I know what I want

I want a river flowing through my heart and mind and lungs

I got an invitation

And it was said and done

You speak in riddles and I wrap my mind ‘round your sweet song

I want the alternative
I want to be the one standing with the Son
I want the alternative, to stand firm.
Foundations shake but freedom will come  


I’m Fasting

Your love warms my heart. It’s wonderful – this world is in a perpetual winter.
I take one moment in solitude to depart from your fiery gaze and it begins to freeze over.
I stand outside, exasperated sigh, scuff my feet on the snow and the ice.
A figure arrives and begins to invite, a humble man all dressed in white.
I’m intrigued. Something about him perplexes me. I want to give in.
I kneel before my Lord.  Lovingkindness, take my sin.



I hear you singing over me
“Come you who are weary, Come you who are weary”

I hear you singing over me

“Come you who are weary and I will give you rest

For my yoke is easy and my burden light
My heart is for you, my ways are right
You’re dancing here with the truest name

Nothing else can snatch you away”

I love you Lord, my Rock, My refuge
You are much stronger than I
Just a touch of your robe..
A touch of your robe.


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